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Haring is the only storage warehouse where horticultural heating installers can find so many products on stock. A range of heating equipment for greenhouses, boiler houses, business areas and even complete company dwellings, and for the last two Haring can arrange complete technical designs and calculations.


Through its direct contacts with many national and international manufacturers, Haring has built up a high-quality and competitive range with clear benefits for its customers. The range consists of specific products and accessories that are needed to fit heating installations in greenhouse complexes. Products with the right price/quality ratio.


Haring Technische Groothandel is well equipped for both small jobs and Agro projects covering many hectares. Furthermore, quality and quantity are strictly controlled. The Haring products leave the warehouses to go to many horticultural projects in the Netherlands, Europe and far beyond, in short all over the world.



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The Netherlands Greenhouse Construction and Heating

The absolute top in the world of glasshouse horticulture


The Netherlands is leading when it comes to greenhouse construction and horticultural heating.


Vegetables, fruit and flowers are increasingly locally produced. This in the context of costs savings (i.e. logistics / transport costs) and desired independence. For that reason, more and more countries are choosing to construct and organise their own greenhouse complexes.


In many countries people are leaving to cities, they have more money to spend and opt for quality. High-quality fresh vegetables and colourful flowers and plants are part of that. This explains the reason why horticultural complexes are more in demand worldwide.


Cultivation under glass brings better products on the market. Less influenced by changing climate circumstances and temperatures and fewer insect threats. Not dependent on seasons and more variety of products at an affordable production price.


In addition to all the benefits of cultivation under glass in greenhouses, it also offers a considerable environmental advantage. Significantly less water is needed as well as fewer pesticides in comparison to outside cultivation.


The Netherlands is the main offering company in upcoming markets, the biggest supplier of greenhouse construction and installation projects in glass horticulture. Not without a reason! Based on a long-term experience, good knowledge and high-quality of construction and installation materials, a specific quality was developed, which is in demand all over the world.



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